authentic italian from our cucina with amoré

We Established Semola in 2021

From the vision of turning a passion into an extraordinary experience, Semola was born. We endeavour always to create beautiful memories for you, your friends and your family.

Our pasta is made by hand with 80% of our ingredients imported from Italy and our team is nothing but spectacular. 

Built from passion

Chef and owners Aniello Bortone and Reth have worked in unison for the past 10 years across a number of Sydney’s most popular restaurants. 

Hailing from the humble town of Aversa next to Napoli, Nello grew up watching his family make traditional Neapolitan dishes, this is where his love of food began. 

Working alongside Reth, also a chef and the front face of Semola, his enthusiasm for impeccable customer service and quality ingredients shines through. The dynamic duo are an authentic representation of what it means to eat and breathe true Italian food.


Following age-old traditions, our pasta is drawn through a bronze die to achieve a rugged surface that serves as the perfect canvas to allow the sauce to hold to the pasta perfectly.

Only the finest ingredients find their way into our pasta making process. 00 Flour sourced from Italy, the award winning Durum Semola from Australian Bellata Gold and the freshest NSW eggs.

With every bite, you’ll experience the authentic taste and texture that sets our pasta apart. This is pasta the way it was meant to be – with passion and love.

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